Jitendra Agrawal – GMAT Trainer in Delhi Ncr

Jitendra Agrawal

Jitendra Agrawal – CFA, FRM

Finest and Best GMAT Trainer in Delhi

Jitendra Agrawal is founder & lead mentor at Prepglobe and also a best GMAT trainer in Delhi NCR. He is seasonal professional & best GMAT trainer/tutor with more than 14 years of work experience including training students/professional and mentoring them. He has also worked with leading organizations like WILEY (PUBLISHER of GMAT official guide HQ at the USA) & PIRON CORPORATION (Leading E-learning companies HQ at the USA) at Mid to Senior levels and has been instrumental in driving organizational growth. Also, he has delivered lectures with best leading institutes which include Jamboree, ICFL, and others in Delhi for the good number of years. He has trained 4000+ students of which a good number of students have scored more than what they aspired for & have been successfully placed with top B schools which includes Harvard, Wharton, Kellogs, INSEAD, NYU STERN, MICHIGAN, CORNELL, ISB & OTHERS. He is the best GMAT trainer/teacher/tutor who loves to counsel students and help them achieve their set milestones. He also consults with business leaders and senior level professionals including promoters, Directors, CXOs to drive growth and deliver more at their respective domains. Bringing WoW feel at work and achieving more than just excellence drives him to work beyond boundaries.

He has done B.Tech., FRM(USA) and is CFA charter holder, CFA Institute, USA.

Selection of Best GMAT Tutor in Delhi is Very Important to Succeed at GMAT Exam

(By: Jitendra Agrawal – CFA, FRM)

Folks, It is very important that you choose the best GMAT Trainer in Delhi should, you have limited time to prepare and want to optimize your preparation & getting best GMAT score. It is very important for you that your GMAT tutor or trainer should understand your weak and strong areas from the GMAT perspective and hence compare your understanding of concepts and skill set you to have with what is required to score as much as you are targeting or aspiring to score at the GMAT exam.

Moreover, the GMAT trainer or tutor should fully analyze the diagnostic test you have written prior to start of your preparation. Normally everyone have tendencies to do some pattern of mistakes while taking the exam hence it is very important to identify those pattern of mistakes  which should be identified in fully to make the strategy to rectify those mistakes. Also GMAT trainer or tutor should make viable plan for the preparation of the candidate basis of the priority of the topics/ types of questions which are frequently tested at GMAT exam.

Best GMAT trainer or tutor have some common attributes like he must be fully aware of the type and trend of the questions which are tested at the GMAT exam and have proper strategy in place including short tricks and/or concepts to solve those questions in time efficient manner. Moreover, he have an experience of training students from different backgrounds as sometime the training strategy and methodology should be different for different background students. Also there are certain topics/ sections where there are very specific concepts which are frequently tested at GMAT exam hence to score high at GMAT exam one should not be  master of the subject but have learnt all the tools and techniques and hence there comes the role of the best GMAT trainer or tutor who can train you for the relevant concepts, tools, techniques and shortcuts to solve those questions.

Moreover, revising the preparation plan basis of the progress chart in the last 30 days of the GMAT exam is very important. So, only best GMAT trainer in Delhi (or best GMAT tutor in Delhi) should recommend you the best GMAT Mock test which are very close to the actual GMAT exam as it helps prepare candidates in line to the type of questions which comes at the GMAT exam and have real assessments of their strength and weakness and gain enough confidence to face the actual GMAT exam.